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Safety Is What Drives Us

At Suburban School Transportation, safety is at the center of everything we do. From extensive driver screening and meticulous record keeping to state-of-the-art tracking technology and on-site preventative vehicle maintenance, we place the safety of our students above all else.

Driver Qualifications

We thoroughly vet our drivers before transporting students. Our drivers are required to meet stringent regulatory and company requirements as follows:

road safety State Regulations & Mandatory Compliance Additional Suburban Mandatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance & Record-Keeping

The specific rules and regulations governing student transportation can be overwhelming. Can you be sure the company providing this service to your students is in full compliance - and has the records to prove it? At Suburban School Transportation, we know the laws, we comply with the laws, and the proof is in our record-keeping. We not only meet state and local regulations, but we go above and beyond these standards.

ODE SAFE Account

We make it easy for school districts to access and register our drivers through the Ohio Department of Education's (ODE) Secure Application for Enterprise (SAFE) web portal. Every Suburban School Transportation driver is Active and can be verified through school district's SAFE accounts, saving time by streamlining compliance record-keeping.

What Can Suburban School Transportation Do For You?

Unlike other transportation companies, our student-focused philosophy aims to create the best possible experience for students, which in turn benefits parents, teachers, and school administrators.